A Perfect Day in Truckee, CA with California 89

A Perfect Day in Truckee, CA with California 89


Welcome to Truckee, California—a charming mountain town where adventure meets relaxation, and the spirit of Tahoe comes alive. Whether you're a local looking to rediscover your hometown or a visitor seeking an unforgettable experience, we've crafted the perfect day itinerary with California 89 to help you make the most of your time in this historic gem. From savoring a freshly brewed coffee in the morning to watching a stunning Sierra sunset in the evening, join us as we guide you through a day filled with scenic hikes, local eats, unique shopping, and outdoor adventures that capture Truckee's vibrant lifestyle.


Morning: Start with Coffee and a Stroll Begin your day in one of Downtown Truckee's coffee shops. Coffeebar is our go to! Grab a locally brewed coffee and a pastry, then take a leisurely stroll through historic brickletown. Explore the charming shops and unique boutiques that give this town its character. Be sure to stop in our stores to use your 20% off Coupon that is hidden in this blog! 

Mid-Morning: Scenic Hike or Bike Ride Head out for a morning adventure on one of Truckee’s scenic trails. The Donner Lake Rim Trail offers breathtaking views and is perfect for hiking or biking. The Legacy Trail in Downtown Truckee is also one of our favorites, running along the Truckee River towards Glenshire, this paved trail is a great easy hike/walk. Don't forget to wear your California 89 gear for comfort and style. Our California 89 Hike Cards are a wonderful guide if you’re looking to try out some new trails & is also the perfect gift for the Hiker in your family! 

Lunch: Local Eats For lunch, head back to downtown Truckee for some local dining options. Our go to’s are Old Town Tap and Moody’s but if you’re after a few more options…California 89 has staff picks inside the store - check them out here. Many restaurants in Truckee offer outdoor seating, so you can soak up the beautiful Sierra Nevada views while you dine.

Afternoon: Shop and Support Local Visit the California 89 store to shop our latest collections. From stylish apparel to unique accessories, find something special that captures the spirit of Tahoe. Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect items. Don’t forget to stop in the Home Decor Store CA89 Home! Mention this Blog and Code “Perfect Day” for a one time 20% off discount for in-store use - available at CA89 Home and California 89 locations. *expires 7/1/2025

Late Afternoon: Water Activities at Donner Lake Spend the afternoon at Donner Lake. Rent a paddleboard or kayak and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. The lake is also great for a refreshing swim or a relaxing picnic by the shore on any of the public docks. Our Donner Lake T-Shirts and Hoodies are a perfect pairing for a lake day outing. 

Evening: Sunset and Dinner Catch a stunning Sierra sunset from a scenic viewpoint. We recommend Rainbow Bridge on Donner Summit! For dinner, choose a local restaurant offering delicious food and a cozy atmosphere. Truckee has a wide variety of dining options that cater to all tastes.

Night: Relax and Unwind End your day back at your accommodation, whether it’s a cozy cabin or a charming hotel. Reflect on your wonderful day in Truckee and plan your next adventure.

Stay Connected with Us Follow California 89 on social media (@cahwy89) to stay updated on our latest collections and local events. We hope you enjoyed your day in Truckee and look forward to welcoming you back soon!

Experience the best of Truckee with California 89, your guide to the ultimate Tahoe lifestyle.


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