What Inspires You?

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Lisa Gotts

Cortney Hadley

Bella Gotts

Skier | Fitness & Outdoor Enthusiast 
CA89 Family Member & Ambassador

Getting outside/going on a new hike/exploring a new type of exercise. Traveling and seeing a new culture/social norms. Hearing a new perspective. Looking through a cookbook (with photos!). Trying new foods/recipes. Reading/getting lost in a good book. Hearing someone dive into a passion of theirs that I am not familiar with.

Anna Yamauchi

Britt Von Steinen

Deana Dhillon

Deana Dhillon

Surfer | Snowboarder
Yogi | CA89 Ambassador

Nature: the trees and the birds and the bees. Traveling and experiencing new culture. Children and their witty sense of humor. All types of animals and the unconditional love they give. Working out and staying active and healthy!
Music, Fashion, and Education.

Daria Pond

Ethan Gotts

Seva Friedman

Seva Fridman

Cyclist | Skier
Iron Man Contestant | Mountaineer
CA89 Ambassador

From the long list of "what inspires me", I have to go with "People" and what they do. I purposely did not say "achieve", because sometimes an attempt or a journey itself can mean to me more than the result. Seeing an overweight person on the bike, going up the local hill, inspires me more than watching pro cycling race. I think it is much harder for that person to even get on the bike than for a fit pro cyclist. It takes a lot of mental strength to do that. Mental strength is perhaps something i've been always seeking for to improve in myself.

Troy Arnold

Liz Bryant

Liz Bryant

Videographer | Full Time Van Life
Former NBC Reporter | Hiker

Connection inspires me. Connecting with new people, connecting with new places, with the outdoors and new sports.


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