2017 CA89 Ambassadors

2017 CA89 Ambassadors

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California 89 has teamed up with some inspiring individuals who epitomize the essence of the Tahoe lifestyle: athletes, outdoor adventurers, scholars, photographers. They represent our brand in their everyday lives, which are nothing short but EPIC.

We honored to introduce




BIO: I’m a full-time law student and outdoor enthusiast. When I’m not studying or working on a legal project, I’m usually outdoors with my camera and my dog Atticus. After traveling and living in various locations, I still believe there isn’t anywhere quite as captivating or diverse as Northern California; for me it will always be home. In living close to Tahoe, the mountains and the lake have been where I often study, hike and find refreshment in the midst of a full schedule. 

FUN FACT: I grew up on a ranch and was a competitive horseback rider for most of my life.

GOAL FOR 2017: To be present, worry less and wander more. And to make a decent dent in my reading list.

INSTAGRAM: @sunnyshine 



BIO: Born and raised in Russia, I moved to the USA in 1993 with my wife, Galina. My son, Max, was born in San Francisco in 1994. Soccer was my original love and I played on several pro teams back in Russia, but quickly developed an obsession with skiing upon moving to California and have never looked back. I worked as a ski instructor at Squaw Valley for ten years from 2003 – 2013. When I’m not skiing, I enjoy endurance sports; I’ve competed in triathlons for Team CA89 and even finished five Ironman competitions. The main purpose of everything I do is to motivate people and inspire them to accomplish more. I live in San Francisco full-time, but my heart belongs to Tahoe.

 FUN FACT: I woke up in the Truckee Hospital after being unconscious for a few days with bunch of broken bones and severe concussion as a result from a ski accident; it forced me look at some things from a different perspective.

GOAL FOR 2017: I would like to train my body and mind to the point when I won’t need basic human needs (ex. sleep, food or water, which are overrated) anymore. I would save a lot of time and accomplish more without being sidetracked by those boring human needs… right?




BIO: A local to the northern parts of Lake Tahoe and a self-proclaimed social media queen. I want nothing more than to live in a world filled with brightly colored sunsets, extra hot chai and never-ending winters. I am Fandango Reward’s Program Manager by day and North Lake Tahoe’s sunset chaser by night. My deepest passion lies within capturing Mother Nature’s greatest existence. You will typically find me snapping photos lakeside or on the nearest mountain snowboarding. My true colors shine through every aspect of film, travel, art, music and photography.

FUN FACT: I have a twin brother; I traveled to Australia alone when I was 19; I’ve been skydiving and would do it again in a heartbeat.

GOAL FOR 2017: I would like to listen to my body more, take things in stride and be a role model for all women who live the mountains.

Instagram: @britthobart
Twitter: @britthobart




 BIO: I was born and raised in Carlsbad, California where I learned how to surf when I was 8 years old. Eventually, I picked up snowboarding and grew up going to Big Bear, June Mountain and Heavenly. I’ve always had a love for nature, animals and outdoor sports. In the summer, my world revolves around traveling to different surf spots and teaching kids how to surf. I spend my time in Tahoe during the winter, looking for that perfect powder turn or hitting some rails in the park. On my days off I enjoy photography, hiking with my dogs and hitting some backcountry spots.

 FUN FACT: I am a licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent; my mom was born in Colombia- five generations back; I love to thrift shop in my free time!

GOAL FOR 2017: I would love to travel out of the country to surf in South America; the long lefts are calling my name! I also want to completely cut meat out of my diet and focus on cooking healthier meals.

Instagram: @sunnyyddee



BIO: Reno/Tahoe local and senior at the University of Nevada, Reno studying Geology. I found a passion for photography after spending a summer documenting my adventures around the Tahoe area with new and old friends alike. Almost a year and a half later, this platform has opened doors I never thought possible. Collaborating and getting out with my friends, doing what we love, is what inspires me to generate more content, with hopes of inspiring others to explore the area around them. The best advice I can give is to get out and put time in every day for what you love, whether it be photography, skiing, your career, anything! I’ve also learned to avoid comparing my progress to others’; instead, setting my own goals and carving my own path, for me, is more rewarding than trying to follow someone else’s.

FUN FACT: A totally random, fun fact about me is that I am a fifth…yes, FIFTH generation Nevadan. My great, great grandfather had the opportunity to raise a family in parts of Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada before deciding to settle in little ‘ole Elko, Nevada.

GOAL FOR 2017: My goal is to travel outside of my completely comfortable bubble known as the Reno/Tahoe area and go across seas for the first time in years! I’d love to explore a new, unfamiliar area and document my adventures along the way.

Instagram: @geodes_



 BIO: While I’m originally from Oakland, California, I spent most of my childhood making trips to Truckee and hitting the slopes at Squaw Valley. I was on the Squaw Valley Ski Team in 2008 and remained heavily involved in soccer throughout my childhood to eventually become captain of my high school varsity as well as club soccer team. I competed in the Donner Lake Triathlon alongside my mother, California 89 owner Lisa Gotts for the first time in 2015. I love nothing more than being outdoors and surrounding myself with great company! I’m currently an undergraduate at Cal Poly SLO and study Nutrition under the College of Agriculture pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. Catch me in the summers working at California 89!

 FUN FACT: I studied abroad fall semester in Seville, Spain and went to 10 different countries, including 4 cities in Morocco! Certainly got bit by the travel bug and can’t wait to see what other adventures are to come.

GOAL FOR 2017: I would love to travel as much as possible. Ideally, I dream of going back to Europe, but I also hope to make it down to South America to see their culture firsthand to compare that to the culture in Spain. This year I also turn 21 and have been told 2017 may be the year to accomplish my dream of heli-skiing, one I have had since I was 16.

Instagram: @bellabee23

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