CA89 Hike Cards: Week 4 of Our Shared Adventures

CA89 Hike Cards: Week 4 of Our Shared Adventures

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CA89 Hike Cards: Week 4 of Our Shared Adventures


Want to see something that’s worth a walk? Join us in the Tahoe area and we’ll help you explore new vistas, timeless trails, and provide tips along the way. Over the years, we’ve discovered all kinds of amazing places to hike, and now we’ve gathered 30 of our favorite trails in our new CA89 Hikes box set so we can share them with you. 


You’ll find a photo, difficulty rating, description, directions to the trailhead, and insider tips for every hike, and we’ve picked a wide range of scenes and terrains so everyone can get in on the fun. For the past three weeks, we’ve featured nine trails to explore, and this week, we’ve got three more:

  • Tompkins Trail Loop (Easy), a 4.3-mile loop with bridges, boardwalks, sun, shade — and you have a chance of spotting songbirds, coyotes, or bears.

  • Five Lakes Trail (Moderate), a 5-mile out-and-back trail that rewards you with, you guessed it, five gorgeous alpine lakes at the top.

  • Mount Rose Trail (Hard), a 10.7-mile loop that’ll challenge you with a nearly 2,400-foot elevation gain before reaching the glorious 360-degree views at the summit of one of Tahoe’s tallest peaks.


If you’re looking for more epic ways to spend your days, we’ve got 30 of them in our box set. Get yours today online or in store at California 89 and CA89 Home. In addition to experiencing the landscapes, every Hike Card collection sold will benefit the Tahoe Fund with a portion of the proceeds going straight to the non-profit organization.


In the meantime, grab a water bottle, get outside, and be sure to share your adventures on social with #CA89Hikes. We’ll be back next week with more hike-inspiration!

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