California 89 Hike of the Week - Sagehen Creek Trail

California 89 Hike of the Week - Sagehen Creek Trail

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PRO TIP: Bring water if you like. It’s usually quite bright out, especially at the reservoir so wear sunglasses/sunscreen.

DIRECTIONS: From Truckee, head north on highway 89 for about 15 minutes. You will pass the Emigrant trail - iconic for mountain biking. Continue a couple miles north and you will see a bridge. Just past the bridge, pull off into the dirt parking lot on the right. It is very easy to see where the trailhead begins. Click here for the AllTrails link.

Sagehen Trail

Sagehen Trail

Sagehen Trail

Follow the trail alongside the river and through the meadows.

Sagehen Trail

Trees along the meadows…

Trees along the meadows…

The aspens are even brighter now :)

Beautiful Clouds

You will reach a stunning reservoir at the end of the trail. You can sit and have a picnic here, or just take in this serene view and turn around, heading back the way you came!

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