Local Spotlight: Where to Capture the Perfect Tahoe Sunset with Abe Blair

Local Spotlight: Where to Capture the Perfect Tahoe Sunset with Abe Blair

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Welcome to Lake Tahoe! Abe Blair from Alpenglow Gallery here. Now that you're in Tahoe, and have seen the incredible beauty of our lake and region, one of the most common questions is where to go to capture truly stunning photographs of this massive lake. The easy answer is anywhere you can see the lake and have legal parking. But I am here to share my personal favorites for all kinds of different types of images.

Emerald Bay 

Possibly the most photographed place on the lake it really is a must see and photograph spot. But my favorite spot to shoot is right where eagle creek dumps over a 90 foot cliff before reaching the bay. Park at the Eagle falls trailhead and cross the road back towards the lake. You will see the creek running under CA 89 highway and you'll want to set up on the north side of the creek. This creates a wonderful leading line right to Emerald Bay and Fannette island in the middle. Iconic for sunrise but sunsets are great here too.

Grab your paddle, camera and head to the lake in our California 89 designed Emerald Bay men's tee.

Eagle Rock

A large perch of basalt rock almost directly in the middle of the westside of the lake, Eagle Rock stands a few hundred feet above the trees and road providing a massive view of the lake. A large turnout for many cars is located at the base of the rock and a mellow 20 minute walk has you enjoying a spectacular view.  This is my favorite place for capturing the Milky Way and night sky over the lake. It is really good for sunrise and sunsets too, and you can't beat the easy access off of CA 89. 

Sand Harbor

The most developed area on the lake this is a very popular beach and park for visitors. Within the park you will find hundreds of feet of beautiful beaches, a few rocky coves with the iconic round granite rocks doting the shore line. A go to spot for sunset or to catch the surfers if we have a large wind storm.

When you're headed to the beach, don't forget a baseball cap to protect your eyes and face from the sun. It's powerful up here at 6,200'! 

Bonsai Rock

This large iconic rock is about a mile south of Sand Harbor. Limited roadside parking is first come first serve, and a little more difficult hike down the steep hill to the lake a few hundred feet below the parking area.  Once lake side you will see the massive rock and the small “bonsai trees” growing out of the rock. Possibly the most photographed spot for sunset it is a great spot with lots of different compositions.

Commons Beach

This is right in Tahoe City off CA 89 with a great small parking lot. This beach has super easy access. You've got a large beach and a great view looking south. To the right of the park is an iconic pier with a pier house on the end and to the left of the park you have a classic old weathered pier for the Tahoe City State Park. Great for sunrises, sunsets and Milky Way photos.

Grab Your Camera & Get Out There

You've got the spots, now go and have fun. Enjoy our beautiful lake and backyard. If you are interested in professional photography workshops send me an email or stop by the Alpenglow Gallery in downtown Truckee -- just down the street from California 89.

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